Whitening Brightening Beverages

Whitening Brightening Beverages

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An oral antioxidant in a bottle, BioCode is a natural berry juice that helps brighten and whiten both face and body, and promotes overall wellbeing with visible results in 30 days.

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Net Volume: 500ML

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Made with natural ingredients and real fruit juice, BioCode delivers its exceptional results through a powerful combination of three patented ingredients: highly concentrated Ellagic Acid (Pomegranate Extract), pure Glutathione (Yeast Extract) and MangoSelect® (Mangosteen Extract), plus three superfood berries: Acai Berry, Cranberry and Blueberry. Together, they work to improve the body’s ability to detox and fight free radicals while supporting a strong and healthy immune system. As a result, skin looks more radiant and less oxidised. No artificial colour, flavouring or added sugars. Made in the USA.

Ellagic Acid (pomegranate)

Works like an oral sunscreen to inhibit melanin production.


Works on improving the body's ability to detox while promoting a healthy immune system for more radiant skin.

Cranberry Juice

Rich in polyphenols, it improves the skin’s ability to fight free radicals, and is also known to support womens' urinary tract health.

Shake well before drinking. Tastes best when chilled.

Drink 1 bottle daily for the first month for optimal, guaranteed results. Then 1 bottle every other day for maintenance.

Pomegranate Extract ( ELLAGIC ACID), Yeast Extract L-Glutathione ), Fish Scale Collagen ( Hydrolysed Collagen), Acai Extract, Mangosteen Extract ( MANGOSELECT), Vitamain C , Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Cranberry Juice, Blueberry Juice

Shake well before drinking. Tastes more delicious when chilled. May contain sediments from the berry juices. Can also improve acne conditions.

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