Pneumatron®200 N Standard

Pneumatron®200 N Standard

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The Pneumatron® 200 massage device used in pneumatic pulsation therapy works by producing intermittent vacuum. During the procedure, the tissue is first pulled in by a stretching impulse (vacuum), after which the device immediately goes back into the relaxation phase (at atmospheric pressure). In this way, the tissue is put into motion and vibration.

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Pneumatron®200 N Standard

The device produces an adjustable negative air pressure from minus 0.1 to minus 0.8 bars and a frequency of 3 Hz. A change of atmospheric pressure and negative pressure produces a pulsating massage movement through the device parts on the body which has an effect from the inside out.

Through rhythmic lifting and releasing, an expansion and contraction of the massaged body parts is achieved.

This expansion and contraction vibrates the tissue and makes for an intensive treatment of tissue sections. Thus massages carried out by the pneumatron ® 200 differ from the various Cupping procedures, which are only useful for suction.


  • High conformity with hand massages
  • Triggers a cascade of reactions
  • Tissue starts to move
  • Rhythmic low-pressure waves plant themselves in deeper layers
  • Pumping effect on blood lymphatic circulation gets rid
  • of accumulated metabolic waste and unblocks tissue

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