Our Founder

Founder’s Message 


Everyone wants to look “beautiful”. But what is beauty really? Is it having a perfectly proportionate face? Is it having the smoothest skin? Is it about being the fairest of them all? Is it about inner beauty radiating from within, as the common cliché goes?


The notion of beauty has been discussed, debated and even disparaged to confounding extremes. I am here to ask you to forget all stereotypical conceptions of what you’ve heard about what makes a person beautiful.


What I want is for you to pause for a moment and ask yourself… What does beauty mean to you?


Because that’s what matters at the end of the day.


For me, it’s about first feeling good in my body. I feel beautiful when I have all the energy I need to do the things I want to do and achieve my goals. I feel beautiful when I have the freedom to choose whether I wish to put on makeup or not, and then feel confident to step out of the house makeup-free.


This is why I co-founded the Holistic Anti-Ageing Project nine years ago. The beauty market in Singapore back then was saturated with “miracle solutions”. But we knew there was no such thing. We knew that looking and feeling youthful came from the holy trinity of great health, physical well-being, and good skin.


My co-founder and I knew that a holistic solution was the answer to sustainable youth and vitality. At the time, not many companies were offering such a holistic approach. So we embarked on a mission to develop our own in-house brand of all-natural beauty products anchored on this naturopathic philosophy that harnesses the extraordinary benefits of plant extracts: Meditrina. Then we decided to create natural products to help eradicate pain so that our customers could enjoy a better quality of life: Live2Move. Finally, we wanted to help our customers achieve skin that looks good and healthy enough for her to feel beautiful and confident even without makeup, if she doesn’t feel like putting makeup on a particular day. After months of searching and trying the formulations of brands and manufacturers from all over the world, we found what we were looking for in bSoul, an innovative, certified natural skincare line from Tuscany, Italy.


Today, we continue to intensify this mission and expand our range of results-driven organic skincare brands that share our holistic healing philosophy and we welcome them to join our project.


Why do we call ourselves a “project”? Because we are not your typical company solely driven by financial objectives. A project takes serious commitment to see through to completion. It takes a vision that’s way larger than one individual, one product, or one sale. I personally see our work in helping you achieve an optimal state of health and well-being as a responsibility.


So for a start, let me share with you some of my personal health and beauty “secrets” here. And I hope that together, we can all feel and look our best as we journey together towards our most beautiful selves.

Risa Leong,
Holistic Anti-Ageing Project