Body Firming & Toning Treatment



Hydra Wellness

An ultra hydrating treatment to promote the regeneration of dehydrated skin with Shea Butter, Rice Bran Oil, Olive Oil and Aloe, while Vitamin E and fatty acids fight inflammation and premature ageing with their strong antioxidant action.




Gomming Massage

An "anti-gravity" body treatment that stimulates the detoxification of the skin and combats oedema, cellulite and sagging skin with a powerful blend of Honey, Cola, Arabica Coffee and Guarana Extract. Works on localised areas to effectively reshape the silhouette of the buttocks, abdomen, thighs and arms.


Gomming Massage Tone Up

A toning and recontouring treatment using phytosomal plant extracts to restore the elasticity of the dermal layer of the skin. Physiological body shape is visibly restored in this fast and safe treatment. For localised areas.





Hydra Detox

A unique active body treatment to kickstart the body's detoxification processes. The blend of 99% micronised herb powder and sea salt improves the drainage of toxins, excess liquid and fats. Metabolism is reactivated for a long-lasting lipolytic (fat-burning) effect.

Hydra Energy

This body treatment improves microcirculation and the tone of blood vessels with the help of micronised herbs and sea salt, as excess liquid and toxins are visibly drained. Leaves you feeling younger and revitalised.




Hydra Slim

A quick and effective treatment targeting localised fats. Green Tieea and Caffeine promote lipolytic and thermogenic action deep within the skin, effectively improving the metabolism of fats. A blend of Olive Oil, Jojoba and Avocado Oil leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised.


Hydra Redux

This essential oil treatment targets localised cellulite using 10 varieties of essential oils to fight inflammation, water retention and fats. A pure algin mask completes the treatment with a gentle yet powerful toxin-draining action. Cellulite is visibly reduced and radiance is restored to the skin.


Intensive Resistant Fat

Intensive and comprehensive, this treatment stamps out stubborn cellulite with a powerful combination of 99% micronised plant herb powder, 10 essential oils and thermogenic mud, to effectively burn fat with long-lasting results. Oedema is also visibly reduced. Suitable for those who are already undergoing bSoul general fat/water retention treatments.


TCM Absolute Slim

Combining ancient Chinese medicine healing philosophy with innovative Italian massage methods, this painless treatment balances the body's yin-yang and meridian deficiencies to enhance weight loss results. Leaves your body slimmed, toned and drained of excess fluid with no unsightly bruises.   


OSMO Sculpt Treatment

This treatment is perfect for those stubborn, problem areas that just won’t go away regardless of how much you exercise and diet. Using a combination of cellulite-fighting and drainage-enhancing phytoceuticals, cellulitis is visibly reduced, orange peel skin is smoothened and inches are lost.





Renew Tone

Specifically designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, this treatment focuses on reactivating and repairing damaged dermis. Each stretch mark line is worked on with extreme care and attention for maximum improvement. Includes a stretch mark analysis.


All bSoul treatments can be used with massage or machine equipment.