who we are

We are the Holistic Anti-Ageing Project.

Since 2008, we have been on a mission to help our customers fight the effects of ageing.

We didn’t choose this goal because we’re vain. Beauty should never be the ultimate objective of life. What’s more important is feeling good inside your skin. And then radiant skin becomes the frosting.

And the wonderful, magical wonder of life is that, when you treat your body with the love and respect it deserves, you’ll have more energy and you’ll somehow even look younger.

That is why our entire company was conceived with your holistic well-being in mind. We want to help you first feel healthy and great on the inside and then your outer beauty can naturally shine.

Some call us a modern-day apothecary as our premium suite of natural skincare and holistic therapies are developed for the enlightened and discerning who understand and appreciate our naturopathic philosophy, and are looking for multi-pronged solutions of the highest quality and with proven efficacy.

Our flagship brands include Meditrina, based on a holistic healing philosophy using scientifically proven natural botanicals in its formulas, our pain management line of products Live2Move, and bSoul, a certified natural, phytoceutical-grade skincare brand from Tuscany, Italy lauded for its use of powerful active ingredients in the physiological normalisation of healthy skin.

This carefully curated selection of results-driven niche brands and natural beauty products are available on our website as well as through our reseller network comprising selected beauty spas and pharmacies. The Holistic Anti-Ageing Project started with one product in one market segment. Today, our portfolio features more than 40 products and we work with over 100 established resellers in Singapore.

We are always looking to add more results-focused organic skincare  brands from around the world that share our philosophy of being uncompromising in quality, completely natural in formulation and free from synthetic chemicals. If you are a brand focused on producing exceptional results and you share our brand values, do get in touch with us.

The Holistic Anti-Ageing Project is powered by a team of passionate professionals including our in-house educators. We believe that diversity breeds new, breakthrough ideas and we welcome innovative individuals who are just as enthusiastic and dedicated as we are to join our team and take this natural health and beauty movement to new and exciting frontiers.