LIVE2MOVE Organic Algae Calcium

LIVE2MOVE Organic Algae Calcium

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Forget about the milk, and embrace the leaf.

A calcium supplement made from plants and whole foods for greater bone health. Suitable for both vegetarians and vegans

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Net Volume:   90 vegetable capsules

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LIVE2MOVE Organic Algae Calcium

Made from algas calcareas, Live2Move with Algaecal® provides the full spectrum of plant nutrients and bone-building minerals. This whole food calcium complex comprises magnesium, boron, silica and strontium, derived from the South American algae, further enhanced with essential bone-supporting ingredients Vitamin D3 and FruiteX-B® for joint health. Made in Canada

For bone health maintenance: 2 capsules in the morning and 1 at night.

For those with osteopenia and osteoporosis or at risk of developing osteoporosis: 2 capsules in the morning and 2 at night.
A whole food, easy to digest plant calcium that contains a wide and full spectrum of minerals, vitamins and plant nutrients for essential bone health.

Nature-identical to the borate carbohydrate complex commonly found in legumes, fruits, vegetables and certain beans. Provides significant improvement in joint health and comfort.
Calcium  (from AlgaeCal® ), Magnesium ( from AlgaeCal® and magnesium Carbonate), Boron (FruiteX-B® OsteoBoron), Vitamin D3(Cholecalciferol), Trace Minerals (from AlgaeCal® ), Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate)
Why use our products
Improve joint flexibility, joint and bone health
FruiteX-B for joint and flex support
Increase bone density
Suitable for vegans
USDA Organic Certified
Feed your bones with nature's best

Organic Algae Calcium is a rare marine algae found in the pristine shorelines of South America that mimics the mineral composition of human bones and is incredibly usable by the human body due to its plant - based nature

It takes more than just calcium.

It's not simply calcium. All 13 bone-building minerals are naturally present in Organic Algae Calcium. To improve the calcium's absorption, we then add 1000 IUs of vitamin D3.

Others can't stop bone loss, but Live2Move with Algaecal® can

Rock-based calcium can only mitigate bone loss. Only the plant-based calcium in Organic Algae Calcium effectively reduces bone loss.

Harvested from the ocean, perfected by nature

An ecologically friendly, 100% natural marine algae powder, is harvested from the ocean, sun-dried, and milled with no chemical treatment, sieving, or additives, ensuring the purity of the product.

Healthy Digestion Through Whole-Food Nutrition

Traditional calcium supplements are hard to digest and absorb since they are derived from milled limestone or marble. However, the marine algae in AlgaeCal® absorbs all the minerals necessary for making bones from sea water. This enables the minerals to be adequately assimilated by your body and transferred to where they are most needed: your bones!

Results and advantages of our clinical research

3 clinical studies have shown that Organic Algae Calcium is the only calcium supplement that may boost bone density.
FruiteX-B® improves comfort in human joint after 90 days
Provide opportunities for new and effective joint flexibility, joint health, bone health, and active lifestyle products
Results from DEXA Display Organic Algae Calcium Formulations Bone Building In a Year

216 Participants

1.3% Average Bone Mineral Density Increase In Women Over 40
Users of Organic Algae Calcium have increased their bone density every year for seven years in a row.

172 Participants

1.04% Average Annual Bone Mineral Density Increase In Postmenopausal Women

Read what the experts have to say!

“I don’t think everyone should be taking calcium that’s derived from rocks. The standard forms of calcium [rockbased] I have some real concern - and that concern has grown over the years as I’ve looked at the literature more and more.”

Dr. Gilbert R Kaats
PhD, Chairman and CEO of Integrative Health Technologies, Inc.

“Plant based calcium is uniquely supported by significant science. Tests show it is better absorbed by our bodies.”

Dr. Marcus Laux
World renowned expert in Natural Medicine and licensed naturopathic physician

“It is certainly the best source of
calcium we can provide to our
patients… it provides over 1600mg of trace minerals and over 700mg of
calcium and supplies our daily needs beautifully.”

Dr. Robert Thompson
Board-certified obstetrician and gynecologistin Soldotna and Anchorage, Alaska

“In the search for the best for my patients, and the best for products to formulate, I found that one product, an algae-derived calcium, has actually done studies that demonstrated modest but definitely positive improvement, something that has been lacking in the studies of calcium citrate and calcium carbonate.”

Dr. Lawrence A. May
American physician, author and public speaker

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